CloudX ME has partnered with an Award Winning Data Storage provider as part of offering a complete Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS) Solution. Located currently on the US East Coast, with an European location currently in the works, our storage provides “hot cloud storage” even for backups. While AWS, Azure, GCP & others use a “cold storage” for archival & backup, our storage provides strong performance, needed to to constantly upload & download backups. Most importantly, we do not charge for Data Egress & provide unlimited data downloads, a first among cloud storage providers.


Price & Performance

  •  Cheaper than AWS S3
  •  Unlimited Free Egress (Downloads)
  •  Upto 5x faster than AWS S3
  •  Super fast uploads and downloads
  •  US East Datacenter (Europe DC coming soon)

Security & Protection

  •  Redundant Datacenters
  •  11x 9s data durability (same as AWS S3)
  •  Full Data Encryption
  •  Immutable Storage
  •  Compliant to International Data Security Standards